Fun Pass

Do you want to discover several park activities? Take the “Pass Fun” formula!

You will have unlimited access to the following activities:

The Fun Tour

12 meter free fall jump, thrills guaranteed! + Two courses of zip lines offering an exceptional view.


Climb with bare hands to the top of an oak tree and abseil down!

Course Adventure

Seven suspended routes, from simple discovery to great thrill!

The first course is neither high nor difficult, we move on quietly, we take our marks, we heat our muscles. Then the level increases, up to the 7th thrilling course (prohibited for juniors).

You will also find the essentials: monkey bridges, tarzan jumps, zip lines.

First routes common to adults and children.

Orientation Course

Equipped with a compass and your map, set off in search of 18 beacons across the entire sports plain of Decathlon Village.

As a team or a duo, challenge your opponents to be the fastest!

The Mystery Labyrinth

Venture into the alleys of the labyrinth and solve the puzzles to find the exit!

Formula accessible to all from 6 years and 1.20m. Sports attire and sneakers mandatory.